The Nest - Gregory A. Douglas

A rollicking entry into the “Paperbacks From Hell” series of horror classics previously out of print. If your favorite part of creature creepers is watching people get eaten alive, this will satisfy your desires unlike any other. Nearly every chapter includes a graphically-described swarm of mutant cockroaches devouring human flesh. A few innocent animals too, for good measure.

True to the bizarre trends of '80s horror, additional moments will "leave" you scratching your head in the most amazing way. Those familiar know I'm talking about the iconic masturbation scene. It's so insane, so inexplicable, so preposterous, you have to wonder how Douglas could even think of it. In any case, just be glad he did. These immortal pages contain one of the most memorable moments of horror fiction that I can recall.

Overall, The Nest is better than it should be though still pretty bad. Even I began to tire after a phonebook of characters meet their brutal demise. The remaining cast struggle to obtain significance until the final 20% of the book, which is admittedly excellent. The scientific explanations and epic showdown are well worth the slog through the more boring passages. It's like Douglas said to himself: Now that I've completed the obligatory slaughter, I can actually write a novel!

You probably know if you're the type of person who enjoys off-the-wall, B-horror, killer bug romps. If you are, go for it. And tell me what you think about The Scene--even better, try to explain it! LOL