Drop Dead Gorgeous (Return to Fear Street #3) - R.L. Stine

Drop Dead Gorgeous has a more complex, mature structure than the typical Fear Street formula. We piece together the story from various points of view, including adult characters, the central villain, diary entries, and first person narration of murder victims. The ending homage to the 90s provides a delightful tribute to long-time fans of the series.

Like all Stine books, it's a readable, spooky good time. Not nearly as unputdownable as Fear Street in the glory years, however. This is because YA publishers don't think novellas sell anymore, so they require him to write Fear Street books that are longer. A shame since Stine's greatest skill is compact mysteries. The longer they get, the more tired the premise becomes. Still, it's a macabre ride that's mostly thrilling from beginning to end. Shorter would have been more satisfying, but the plot never gets truly boring. Certainly it’s more consistent than "You May Now Kill the Bride" which really fizzled out in the second half.

Haven't read "The Wrong Girl" yet, but if Return to Fear Street continues at this level, I hope they publish more.